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Tri-Boro Fence can supply temporary fence panels and stands with whatever type gate you may need, for any duration of time that your project requires.

To receive your rental estimate, use our contact page, or call

610-224-9091, or fax your information to 610-224-9095.


Our estimator will need to know:

  • Approximately how many lineal feet of temporary fence you need;

  • The number of gates and whether these will be single gates or double drive through gates;

  • How many months for the rental of the equipment;

  • Whether or not the site is subject to prevailing wage or Davis Bacon wage rates.

  • If you want Tri-Boro Fence to deliver, install, and then collect the rental or if your team will perform these tasks. 


Commercial & Industrial Fencing

Tri-Boro Fence is a recognized commercial & industrial fence contractor in the Lehigh Valley, PA & surrounding areas.  We provide perimeter security and access control products to business, industry and municipalities. 


Our multiple types and styles of commercial fencing can be used in many applications, and our experienced management & fencing teams work with owners, designers, and contractors to determine the right fencing solution for meeting your specific needs and requirements.  We will make sure your project comes in on time and within the budget.

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